The Earth

Everything in reality is made from the same basic material; atoms and inside this common building block is resonating energy. Everything is made of Energy: all life, all inanimate objects, water, liquid, gasses, glass, clothes and everything else! You are made entirely from the most basic elements of reality and everything else in reality is made from the same stuff. There’s a term used to describe this:


‘Family’ is defined as “a group of objects united by a significant shared characteristic.”

We are all entirely made of the same stuff – There’s no greater significantly shared characteristic than that!

How many people do you know right now that you can bring to mind? Friends, family, acquaintances included… Now consider how many people you have ever know? Old friends, school friends, old family friends… Think now of all the people you seen personally in the flesh, while travelling internationally, on public transport, at airports, walking along the street, in shops, cinemas, restaurants, theatres, pubs… see how many faces, activities and situations with all these people you can bring to mind… Now think of all the people you’ve seen on television or hear about in the media all around the world right now and then think over the course of your entire life… How many faces, or people can you bring to mind? The Tiananmen Square protest, the Berlin Wall… Now think of all the people you have heard about throughout history, from as far back as you can go…

How many approximately could you recall or bring to mind? A hundred thousand, a million, a few million perhaps? There are over 6 billion people on Earth, right now! Visualise that and know that we are all connected. This is your family! Your very large extended family!

Not only are we connected to all the people in the world but also to the the entirety of all manifest creation. We don’t frequently feel connected to the entirety of everything. We sometimes find it hard to feel connected even to ourselves! But we have the opportunity to regain our connection to ourselves, to other people and to the very fabric of our world. We can regain our true state of union that lies at the very heart of every atom that comprises our every body.