Like many, you’ll probably have some fitness related intentions on your resolutions list. But unlike most others and hopefully unlike all your previous attempts, this time you’re not going to fail, right!?


Embarking on a literally life-changing fitness regime requires more than just a new year’s resolution to “be more healthy”, or to “get fit”; it requires an understanding of your personal weaknesses, a carefully planned, progressive programme and an all-encompassing improvement to your diet and lifestyle.


Let’s assume for a moment that this is all taken care of. There’s still a huge barrier than most people don’t consider and it’s the no. 1 reason for New Year Fitness Resolution fails – people forget it’s still winter. Overnight, as the clock struck 00:00 on 1st January 2015 the only magical events occurring were in the sky! No magical cosmological or natural shifts occurred, no magical adaptations to our neurological or biological entities. Nature is not affected by a mad-made line in the sand…

People tend to think that the new year somehow ushers in a new section of the year. The reality is that new year is a man-made phenomena and has very little natural and energetic influence on our beings. Our determination to make changes at new year isn’t supported by our natural environment. We are eternally linked to our natural environment. Ignoring this link inevitably leads to disorder and disease.

The natural shift from what is essentially a need for hibernation, to a growing energetic rise is during the movement from winter into spring… As such, March is the time to naturally shift into a more energetic state. I’m not saying don’t bother making Fitness Resolutions at New Year, I’m saying this is the reason people fail at them.

Days are still short and it’s still cold. Our environment is not conducive to getting active. My advice is to start with the basic foundations and get them solid during the first few months of the New Year. Focus on diet and lifestyle. Drink alcohol less frequently, source and consume better foods, alleviate physical pains or discomfort, stretch tight muscles, prepare yourself mentally and energetically through meditation, resolve relationship and life troubles.

Start to get more active through the month of February, growing in intensity through March, aiming to reach a peak through Summer. Just as we are programmed to rise and fall with the sun, we are programmed to move with the seasons through the year. Taking this on will ensure optimal energy flow through your body and greatly reduce the likelihood of failure.