It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or a seasoned pro, when you look for a fitness program in London here are 10 reasons you need look no further than SkyLimit Coaches.


1. World class teamTeam

Collectively, the SkyLimit Team has over 200 years of experience and they’ve spent the last few of these perfecting a fitness training programme and body transformation programme that achieves fast and long lasting health and fitness results.


Everyone2. For everyone

The SkyLimit Team will coach anybody, no matter their age, gender, ability or experience. They’ve helped beginner to athlete, young to old, housewives to CEOs – no-one is excluded. Everyone has a body and all bodies can be improved.


3. Initial AssessmentsFitness Icons set elegant series

No fitness training plan can be implemented effectively without detailed assessments being carried out. Lifestyle, sleeping habits, stress levels, thought patterns, emotional and mental health is all taken into account, as it is your greatest weaknesses that will hold you back.


4. Precise PrescriptionFitness Icons set elegant series

A world class, individualised fitness training plan is constructed from the detailed personal analysis of every SkyLimit client. No 2 bodies are the same and one size does not fit all, so every body receives their own personalised plan.


5. Evolving analyticsScales

A constant gauge on progress is kept through real-time and long term analysis. This is essential to maintain high levels of motivation and to track progress. 


6. Body TransformationsSlim

Their specialist fitness programmes achieve body transformations for every one of their clients. No matter what the goal, body transformations are a given.


7. Health ImprovementsStrong heart

No fitness training plan can effectively be achieves for the long term without attention being given to health improvements. Your body is affected by everything you do, so lifestyle and health coaching is an essential accompaniment to the gym training time.


8. Holistic Approach – PEMSYoga

We are not body alone. The SkyLimit Team consider the being in its entirety and focus on the complete individual, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 


Guarantee9. Guaranteed Results

The SkyLimit team offer a full money-back guarantee for all their fitness training programmes. Expectations and benchmarks are agreed up front and both sides have to agree to a set of rules and principles which govern the process towards fulfilling the ‘SkyLimit Pact’.


10. Proven track recordWarranty

Since inception, the Team have a 100% success rate across their entire demographic.