We have so many expectations and requirements placed upon us in our lives that it’s difficult to make the space to contemplate these questions but let’s just ask ourselves and be honest – Do we really understand who we are and what our potential is?

It requires literally billions of simultaneous processes and operations for the human being to successfully function. There is nothing more complicated and intricate that the human being in the known Universe! How unlikely is it that we are even here? If it were not for our planet maintaining its delicate equilibrium and for all the micro-requirements of life as we know it, we’d all be gone in a matter of moments. That such a delicate balance is maintained and our Planet survives is truly incredible. All life on Earth is precariously balanced on the edge of oblivion. It may be around another few billion years or it may all be over tomorrow.

The Universe is so enormous, our world so fragilely positioned, nature so magically balanced, our bodies so brilliantly composed. I invite you to keep in mind how intricate, complex and fragile your body, life, world and reality is!

You are not alone. You are not separate. You are connected to it all. The Buddha Said, “He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all, and all in his own Self” – We are made from the same stuff as everything in the Universe and we are All related. The Universe is of an unknown, maybe infinite size. This great Universe and what is beyond; you are a part of it all.

Most of the time we are quite oblivious to all the forces and elements that we are all essentially connected to and therefore effected by. It’s the modern day Quantum physicists’ discovery that mystics and sages have been saying for thousands of years: We are all family and all things are related.

When we contemplate the immensity of reality and our place in it, we could either feel at the mercy of forces that are not entirely comprehendible and become detached, or we could compile the understanding that we are intrinsically linked to it all. It is through this, that we may become a Master of All.

Everything is significant and everything is connected. There’s a lot to learn and know. Not only this but things are always changing. Mastery is the ability to revel in all aspects of reality, to be able to flow with the changes, to become sensitive to your connection with all things and it is the resolution to bring the entirety of your Self on the journey along the Path of Mastery.