Once upon a time in a realm beyond the restraints of our reality, there was a being of immense power. It could do anything and everything. It experienced everywhere at once, was all powerful, knew everything there was to know and everything was perfect.

One day it decided to create a game. It wanted to try being in one place rather than everywhere at once. Rather than knowing everything, it wanted to learn things progressively. And rather than be all-powerful, it wanted to see what it was like to accumulate power over time. And it wanted to experience perfection in the presence of its opposite.

But for this game to work, it had to have very particular rules. For it to be in one place, it had to have a localised form in a relatively larger environment. In order to learn progressively it had to have a linear timeline and start off not knowing anything. To accumulate power it had to begin its existence with limited power. To experience perfection it needed a realm of relativity.

At the moment it conceived of the idea it found itself alone, vulnerable and almost entirely ignorant of the place from whence it came. It was surrounded by many things and other beings. Some were strange and others familiar. Some were indifferent and others caring. It experienced hunger, pain, despair, confusion and fear. Things were very strange, unfathomable at times. For many years it struggled to make sense of its reality. But it had an urge, a deep irrepressible drive to improve and without even really fully understanding why at first, it allowed this drive to direct its life. 

It began to master the physical form it found itself in. It realised it had a home and a family and that its environment supported its growth. Despite the presence of challenge, it gradually came to feel safe and secure.

After many years of play and exploration it entered adolescence. It now started to feel a stirring. A deep flavoursome desire that drew it to experience its senses in ways it had never done before. Such a rich, powerful desire to intertwine and connect. Overwhelming at times, filling its body with desire.

Suddenly it had the desire to make things happen and to communicate the thoughts that had started to formulate with clarity in its mind. Its drive for improvement had at times subsided but it had never left and now this force compelled the being into action. It sought to understand itself and the nature of its reality. It communed with every teacher it knew and sought to find others. One day it found a teacher of Spirituality. With this teacher it learnt how to master its thoughts and emotions. It explored the relationship between the physical and the energetic. It learnt about the human condition and how to optimise health. It became powerful, conscious and capable of many extra-ordinary things.

Whilst in quiet meditation one day the being was following the guidance it had been given:  Quieten the mind. Surrender the ego. Be in the moment. Connect with Mother Earth. Embrace all things. Acknowledge the presence of God. Breathe in the world. Breathe out Love.

In a sudden moment, the being remembered its true nature. It remembered its formless, infinite and perfect origin. It remembered imagining the universe into being. Reconnecting with superconsciousness the being embraced all of humanity as its brothers and sisters. It knew then that all was well and that everything was exactly as it should be.

The being then brought light and love wherever it went. The power of life shone in every expression and manifestation and from that day until its last day, every moment was lived profoundly.