Wellness wheel

Simply, this wheel illustrates how to achieve optimal health. If you were to have a reasonable degree of mastery over the 4 quadrants, there is every chance you will have oodles of energy, bundles of joy and and an abundance of love in your life.



It all begins, as it must with your ‘mind-set’. Your mind being the highest controlling aspect of Self, determines what you focus on and what your intentions are.

For a multitude of reasons, humans can be incredibly weak-minded and/or misguided! If you’ve never done a day’s exercise and decide you want to look like the fitspiration images all over the net, you’re probably just a little mis-guided. If you’ve set goals in the past and not followed all the way through with them, well, then you’re only human!

Strength of mind is achieved when you align your intentions with The Truth. Your mind sets your goals and invokes a determination that can carry you through and past any and all obstacles. This has to then be tempered with an understanding of your own requirements, priorities and limitations.

People tend to get really enthusiastic and passionate about developing an aspect of themselves and embark headlong down a pre-determined route they believe to be best or have had recommended. If that route doesn’t take your very individual requirements into account, you’ll encounter many more barriers than you expected. Many of them insurmountable.



If you’ve read any of my other blogs you’ll understand that movement is a very personal thing. Check out “A Quick Guide to Exercise Readiness” for example.

Here the important thing to say is Mind-Set leads to Movement. Nothing can be done without the mind first determining it!

One one hand it’s the determination to achieve a goal and on the other, it’s the desire to simply experience life. You might have heard it said – Life is Movement. All and Everything is in a constant state of movement and change. Right now, every molecule of your being is resonating constantly. Close your eyes and concentrate – can you feel it?

Watch your breath. This instantly links you with life and is a powerful catalyst to initiate any type of gross movement. If you feel lethargic and the monumental feat running through your mind, which says “Get in Shape!!” is causing a defensive paralysis, just watch your breath for a few seconds. It’ll be calming and it re-connects you with your body’s energy. From here make and follow a plan. Preferably one that takes into account your requirements, priorities and limitations!



There have been millions of words devoted to a multitude of approaches to this subject. But in actuality, this one’s pretty simple… If it wasn’t here 10,000 years ago, don’t eat it… If you can’t pick it off a tree, out of the ground or kill it with a club, don’t eat it.

That’s it! V. simple!!

The majority of humanity now works in a city. That number overtook those working in fields a few years ago. Some people go their entire lives without working in the soil. I’ve seen high school children who don’t know beef comes from a cow and believe vegetables originate in a supermarket!

Yes, I’m encouraging a return to nature. With an unending list of other priorities it’s essential to return to nature. It’s essential if you want to live a healthy life. You have to EXPERIENCE it. It’s not enough to sit in a classroom and learn about it – you have to go out and experience your connection with nature; get your hands dirty and feel the grass between your toes, pull some veg from the ground, pick some fruit from a tree and go kill your own food! (check into the legalities of your region of course (chickens are usually the safe bet with this one)).

Why is this essential for a healthy life??

Understanding where foods come from and how to connect to it at source is incredibly empowering. It transforms perception, re-priorities healthy choices and ultimately brings you closer to the very source of all sustenance.



You’ll note the image I selected for the graphic is Meditation. You’ll also notice the location! It’s a far cry from most people’s daily experiences and environments, but that’s the point!

I’ve found Meditation to be the simplest, most accessible and powerful method of rejuvenation. You may be better suited to other methods e.g. Yoga, Tai Chi, Walking, Laughing or just simply Breathing.

Meditation cuts straight to the heart of who we are: energy and consciousness. It’s a method for slowing down the egoic ‘monkey mind’ and enabling a more subtle being to emerge: The one that is connected to nature, that is intimately aware and intuitively connected to energy within and at large.

Rejuvenation is something most people skip. Sleep is usually the length and breadth of people’s effort in this quadrant and even then, people rarely get enough of it. Think about a scale of 0-10. 10 being the most active and stressed you could possibly be. Most people’s rejuvenation effort lies in the 4-5 range; watching TV, going to the theatre, playing games, etc… Powerful Rejuvenation techniques enable you to access the 1-2 area. When your stress levels fall this low, your healing levels become high, then these levels of revitalisation empower the entire circle.



Something I hope you notice: A full 3/4 of the wheel is devoted in one way or another to something other that exercise. When the voice in your head screams “Get in Shape” the thing people respond with primarily is Exercise. Instead of jumping straight onto the literal treadmill, consider the wheel in its entirety. It’ll almost certainly make the difference between long term success and avoidable failure.